Security in Rural Areas

Security in rural areas can be challenging. The first problem we face is lack of police coverage and poor response times. Police in our area are underfunded with not enough resources to cover the geographical area. Late at night this problem is compounded with even fewer officers available who could be on a call an hour away.

For this reason, we home and business owners have to take a more active approach with security. A silent alarm system waiting for police who may not arrive in time is not going to cut it. Your security system has to make your location as uninviting as possible. The two best ways to do this is lighting and noise.

Countless studies show a well lit area, even isolated, is at far less risk than a business shrouded in darkness. With LED lighting technology, it costs a lot less to run very bright lighting and the light source has a much longer service life than conventional lighting. Up to 90% savings on power and 10x the lifespan. You can also integrate your lighting with your perimeter cameras so when they detect a potential intruder, the lights come on.

Many of our cameras come with their own integrated Active Deterrents. Sirens, loudspeaker, flashing strobes, and two way communication to warn off potential criminals.

Internal and external sirens, horns and loudspeakers form another layer of deterrence. A thief or a vandal does not want to hang around a location that has sirens blaring, bright lights, strobe lights, and a speaker telling them they are being watched. Potentially, these deterrents will prevent any actions being taken against your property, prior to any law enforcement notification. A subscription camera monitoring service can enhance this protection. If you miss the notification or alert, a monitoring technician can intervene and take the appropriate steps.

As you can see, rural home and business security can present its challenges but there are ways to mitigate them. Contact Annapolis Valley Alarms today to see what we can do for you.

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