Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) vs Static Cameras

At its core, a PTZ camera (pan/tilt/zoom) is a controllable camera that can be steered in any vertical or horizontal direction and has the ability to zoom in on distant details. This control can be done in real time, or pre-programmed into the camera software. The degree of turn, elevation and zoom varies with different camera models.

A static camera is fixed and incapable of motion, though some static cameras are capable of zoom. Zoom levels can go from 4x all the way to 35X and can be motorized optical or digital zoom.

PTZ cameras can take the place of multiple static cameras and can be a very cost effective way to watch a very large area or multiple locations depending on the camera and its modes like tour, scan mode. Tour mode is typically a collection of preset locations chained together where the user can program speed, duration on location and zoom level. In scan mode, the camera moves along a user set patrol pattern.

More advanced PTZ cameras incorporate other technologies such as AI detection,  motion detection, facial recognition, license plate detection and auto-target tracking.  Some PTZ cameras can be linked with other cameras to provide shared coverage. When a static camera detects a target of interest, the PTZ camera will turn to zoom in closer for more detail and track the target beyond the original cameras range.

Some PTZ cameras have spotlights onboard in both white light and infrared (IR). Very advanced models have lighting that can follow the zoom out to hundreds of feet away. Other models can feature active deterrents such as warning lights, sirens and verbal warnings. Thermal imaging is also a possible option.

The decision to utilize a PTZ camera ultimately depends on the location(s) to be monitored. Is the area fairly large? Are there multiple locations within the site line of a single location that need to be examined with greater detail? Would you need to use multiple cameras to get the level of detail you require? The resolution, zoom level, and other technologies like AI detection also largely depend on the location and what needs to be achieved. Is it theft protection, tampering, livestock monitoring, crowd surveillance? These questions will determine what type of camera you need.

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