Important Things to Consider While Planning Home Security

Your home is supposed to be the safest place for you and your family. Home security should be a multi-layered approach. At the core is your alarm system but ideally only the inner layer. Door sensors, motion sensors, smoke and heat detectors, leak sensors etc. Your outer layer should be comprised of the latest camera technology with prominent placement in key areas.

CCTV camera technology has come a long way in the past few years. 4K or higher resolution, true WDR technology gives you full color images, even at night, and AI sensing technology identifies humans and vehicles, thereby eliminating 99% false alarms. These camera can be stand alone or part of a larger network connected to a Network Video Recorder (NVR). Either method allows for self monitoring or monitoring through a subscription service which will respond in case you are unable to. Some cameras have built in Active Deterrents such as their own siren, warning message, white light spotlight and red/blue strobes. Some models allow two way communication through integrated microphone and speaker. These deterrents are quite effective in driving would-be intruders away from your property.

Its one thing to suspect a property may have cameras and quite another for the camera to tell you it is there and it is indeed, watching you. While shining a light in your face. Perhaps you may recognize or suspect who the potential intruder is and you’d like to let them know you know?

Cameras of this type can be integrated into your alarm system and perform other activities upon alert, such as turning on additional exterior/interior lighting interior lighting, while at the same time informing you and the monitoring station that a situation may be developing. With the right deterrents in place, criminal activity is interrupted before damage can occur or the authorities be called.

Beyond your security systems, care needs to be taken with your physical security. Are your doors and locks sturdy and of good quality? Pay attention to landscaping such as hedges and integrate them so as to not provide hiding places close to you house to shelter criminal activity. Is fencing appropriate?

With the recent global turmoil, we need to better secure our homes and businesses from the rising criminality in our communities. Consider a Neighborhood Watch style communication with your neighbours and business partners.

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